This Sacrament of Initiation is a first step taken in making a connection of friendship with Christ and his Church and becoming his disciple. Pre-baptismal Classes are required for parents and sponsors. Parents seeking Baptism for their children should contact their Parish Office for further details and to make arrangements.


This Sacrament of Initiation is part of the life of any disciple of Christ. It is an important step in growing in one’s faith. Click here for the latest class information.

Reconciliation (Penance)

This Sacrament can be received throughout the lifetime of any disciple of Jesus seeking a deeper union with him. Children in second grade are prepared to encounter Christ in this sacrament for the first time during the season of Lent. Click here for the latest class information.


This Sacrament of Initiation is often completed in third grade. It supports the life of a Christian disciple by providing them with food for life’s journey. Children will be prepared to receive Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament and to live life as a member of the Body of Christ. Click here for the latest class information.

Holy Matrimony (Marriage)

Couples make arrangements themselves at least six months in advance of the anticipated date of the wedding.  A Pre-Cana seminar is required.  A first meeting with your pastor takes place prior to scheduling the date with the Church or reception hall. Click here for more information.

Holy Orders

Men who feel called to the priesthood should contact any priest for more information on prayer and discernment. The Diocese of Erie and St. Vincent Archabbey have great resources for discernment. Click here for more information.

Anointing of the Sick

Please contact your pastor if you are having surgery, if an illness takes a serious turn, or in the event of an emergency. Do not hesitate to contact any priest if a person is in danger of death.

Be Blessed!

Visit your parish to learn more about the sacraments. The church staff is always ready and willing to discuss your options or the options available to your children and family.